Should You File Bankruptcy?

Should You File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is alive and well! Regardless of what you may have heard in the media, the new bankruptcy law that became effective in 2005 does not mean the end of bankruptcy. The substantive rights that existed under the old law still exist under the new law.

You would not be reading this unless you are in deep financial trouble. Please know you are not alone. In 2005, over two million Americans put their problems behind them by filing bankruptcy. There are many people, just like you, who can not sleep at night due to overwhelming pressure from debt.

If you need help getting your financial affairs in order, and are looking for a fresh start, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is not for everyone, at times it is the only way. Different bankruptcy options exist, and it is possible for you to file bankruptcy and not lose any of your possessions. Even if you are in foreclosure, it may not be too late to save your home.

Even the hardest workers and the most diligent bill-payers can find themselves with more debts than they can pay as they become due. In such cases, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem. If you or someone you know is facing serious financial challenges, it is very important to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy has evolved into an accepted method of resolving serious financial problems. The bankruptcy attorney’s goals are to help debtors get out from under formidable debt, obtain a fresh start and emerge as productive citizens.

If you are unable to become debt-free in the near future, you must make an important decision. Either you can continue to keep you and your family in poverty, with no signs of financial freedom. Or, you can take immediate control of your financial destiny and take advantage of a legitimate solution to eliminate your debts and enjoy a debt-free life. This should be an easy decision.