The Warning Signs of Bankruptcy

The Warning Signs of Bankruptcy

Are collectors calling? You can finally answer your phone after you file bankruptcy.

Is the harassment driving you crazy? Filing bankruptcy will eliminate debt problems, stop creditor harassment, lawsuits, foreclosure and repossession.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Financial troubles can cause all sorts of ailments, the most common of which is sleeplessness. The anxiety created by the inability to pay bills and the embarrassment of having to talk to bill collectors at work, make it difficult for many people to fall asleep or to sleep through the night.

Are you using one credit card to pay another? This increases your balances and will not allow you to ever become debt free.

Do your credit balances never seem to get smaller? Make bill problems go away. Learn how bankruptcy can provide debt relief.

Do you have too many bills? Take control of your finances by filing bankruptcy.

Are you being threatened by lawsuits, garnishment, foreclosure or repossession? Bankruptcy prevents or stops creditors from taking action.

Have you experienced a reduction in income, medical bills, illness, loss of job, disability, divorce or repossession? Bankruptcy can be the solution.

Do you only pay the minimum credit card payments? This increases your balances and will not allow you to ever become debt free.

Do you have to sacrifice basic necessities just to keep food on the table? Then it is time you obtain a fresh start and start to enjoy life.

Is your home threatened by foreclosure? Bankruptcy can prevent a foreclosure from being filed and can stop a foreclosure. Further, we can force the mortgage holder to allow you to cure the mortgage arrears over a period of five years.